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“The odd Next Door”Chapter 67

In 2022, a new story called “The Odd One Next Door” was published. It’s a romantic comic story (manhwa) that many people find interesting. It’s a light and slice-of-life story.

The story is about a girl named Yoo Gaeun. She’s had some bad experiences with dating in the past. Her ex-boyfriend left her to marry a famous actress. So, she doesn’t trust dating much. Also, her family isn’t very likable.

(Credits: Tapas)

Gaeun now runs her late mother’s studio and often has to deal with her twin sister’s problems. She tries to protect her sister from scandals. Despite all her troubles, Gaeun manages to live a peaceful life.

One day, everything changes when a new neighbor named Kang Siwan moves in next door. They often argue, and Gaeun tries to resolve their issues. But will they ever understand each other, or will they keep fighting?

Chapter 66 Recap and Review:
In Chapter 66, Junghye and Siwan have a conversation, and it’s clear that they had a troubled past together. After they broke up, Siwan started dating another girl, which upset Junghye. She learns about this from Soochul and realizes that Junghye tends to mess up things for others. Junghye apologizes to Siwan, but he’s committed to his new relationship and says they might never meet again. Junghye leaves, mentioning something about a parting gift.

(Credits: Tapas)

After their conversation, Gaeun arrives, and Siwan tries to brush it off, but Gaeun notices their strange behavior. Siwan is still worried about Junghye’s parting gift, but they eventually leave. Siwan drinks too much, and Gaeun gives him a ride home. Gaeun becomes suspicious of Siwan and decides to ghost him for a few days. Siwan also gets anxious and receives a text from Gaeun asking to discuss something important.

Chapter 67 Spoilers:
Both Siwan and Gaeun had complicated past relationships before they met. In the previous chapter, Siwan had a tough conversation with his ex-girlfriend, leaving things on a cliffhanger. Gaeun might have seen them talking and decided to distance herself from Siwan for a while. The next chapter will likely reveal the reason behind Gaeun’s text and what she wants to discuss. Will this affect their relationship? Siwan is also worried about Junghye’s parting gift, and this matter might be resolved in the upcoming chapter.

Chapter 67 Release Date:
Chapter 67 of “The Odd One Next Door” is expected to be released on Thursday, September 21, 2023.

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