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Home » The Novel’s Extra Chapter 75 (Remake) – Hajin and Kim Suho’s Adventure

The Novel’s Extra Chapter 75 (Remake) – Hajin and Kim Suho’s Adventure

In this chapter, Hajin and Kim Suho are going into a dungeon to find a special branch. At the same time, a group called the Chameleon Troupe plans to steal from a powerful masked demon’s master. Kim Suho now knows how strong Hajin is, but he’s keeping it a secret.

Chae Nayun still believes Hajin is weak, but Hajin actually defeated her in an online game. She doesn’t know Hajin’s true identity, but she’s asked him to spar with her every day to improve her sword skills. Let’s see where Hajin and Chae Nayun’s story goes in the game.

Release Date for Chapter 75

If you’re wondering when Chapter 75 of “The Novel’s Extra (Remake)” will be out, don’t worry. We’ll talk about that in this article.

Credits: Kakao

Differences from the Novel

There are some differences between the manhwa (comic) and the novel. For instance, Kim Suho in the novel claimed he was only showing enough strength to please his parents. When Kim Suho surprised Chae Nayun in the novel, she threw her sword and broke another cadet’s window. Also, when Kim Suho mentioned sparring with Hajin, Nayun asked who won but quickly said that Suho should have won.

Chae Nayun’s Group Project

Chae Nayun was talking to her group project at school about why Kim Hajin wasn’t with them. This will likely be adapted later in the story. In the novel, Chae Nayun’s in-game tag was “Nayunjajangmyeon,” and Hajin didn’t know it was a female player until later.

Chapter 75 Spoilers

Credits: Kakao

In the online game, Hajin defeated a demon queen who was so impressed by losing for the first time in her life that she decided not to attack humanity if they provided entertaining games. Game developers worked hard to create fun games to keep her entertained. Nayun was the main reason Hajin decided to stay because of their banter, and he saw them as real people, not just characters he wrote.

Hajin acquires a powerful sword called the holy sword, which later evolves into a wish sword capable of cutting time and space. Kim Suho gets a sword in the form of a branch, and Hajin takes the leaves to create Devil-killing bullets.

Chapter 75 Release Date

Chapter 75 of “The Novel’s Extra (Remake)” is scheduled for release on Monday, September 18, 2023, PT.

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