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“The New Employee Chairman Kang: Chapter 9

The manga “The New Employee Chairman Kang” has become a must-read for many, and the ninth chapter is on the horizon. Here, we’ll break down everything you need to know about Chapter 9 before it comes out. But first, let’s get to know the main characters in this slice-of-life and fantasy Manhwa.

Meet the Main Characters

(Credits: The Anime Daily)
  • Kang Dong Sung: He used to be the Vice President of Choi Sung Construction and is the eldest son of Chairman Kang Yong Ho of Choi Sung Group. He’s the story’s main character, and his actions have had an impact on Choi Sung’s stock price.
  • Vice President Kang’s Troubles: Kang Dong Sung is facing some issues. He’s under investigation for drunk driving, and there are rumors of an extramarital affair with a coworker. Additionally, there are allegations against Kang Dong Hoon, the Vice President of Choi Sung Chemical and the second son of Choi Sung Group Chairman Kang Yong Ho. He’s accused of abusing his power at a hotel, and there’s evidence of verbal abuse as well.
  • Choi Sung Group: This conglomerate has seen significant growth under the leadership of Chairman Kang Yong Ho. However, there are concerns about the next generation and whether they’ll face a downfall due to the controversies surrounding them.

Recap of Chapter 8
In Chapter 8 of “The New Employee Chairman Kang,” we witnessed the hard work of Sales Team One and the Procurement Team. Both teams were determined to get their tasks done, even if it seemed like they might not finish work that day.

The Procurement Department initiated a conflict, and the Sales Department responded with equal intensity. The Sales Department was secretly collaborating with an outsourcing company but was keeping it hidden.

Just when the Procurement Team thought they had things under control, the outsourcing companies stopped cooperating and refused to share their data. All of them acted this way.

Now, if the Sales Department is getting a share through rebates or other means, the outsourcing companies must be benefiting too. This means the Procurement Team’s hopes were in vain, and they were deluding themselves.

Chapter 9 Release Date
Chapter 9 of “The New Employee Chairman Kang” is set to release on September 22, 2023.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments in this Manhwa!

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