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“The Never-Ending Curse of Carnephelia: Chapter 36 Preview”

In this exciting new chapter of the Fantasy Manhwa, we dive deeper into Carnephelia’s story. She’s a princess who’s had a really tough life because her family treated her badly. But instead of just taking it, she decided to get revenge. She didn’t care about what might happen as long as she could make her family pay. But what she didn’t expect was that her revenge would lead to a second chance at life.

(Credits: Pocket Comics

Cursed Princess:
Carnephelia Hellsdante was very different from the rest of her family. They all had golden hair, but she had jet-black hair. In their land, black hair was seen as bad luck. So, they treated her like an outsider. Her step-siblings and the Empress were especially cruel. They even made her sick on purpose and made her life miserable.

A Family with a Dark Secret:
The Hellsdante family had been in power for a long time because of a special curse. Anyone who killed a Hellsdante would be cursed too. This kept people from trying to take them down. But Carnephelia didn’t care. When she got the chance, she took out her tormentor, Ianfried Han Hellsdante. But the curse started taking her life away. Then, something strange happened.

(Credits: Pocket Comics

A Second Chance at Life:
Carnephelia woke up, but there was a big difference. She was back in her eight-year-old body. She realized it wasn’t a dream and decided to start her revenge early. She got close to her father, the Emperor, and made him think she should be the heir to the throne. She got rid of her nasty nanny, befriended a maid named L’elle, and even convinced a Divine Powers user named Pretta Svenback to help her. She even turned a spying maid named Trua Helton to her side. But the biggest surprise was when she convinced the former Empress Arellentina to join her.

A New Challenger Appears:
Arellentina’s only condition was that she got to take down the current Empress, Dycella Rachel. And now, there’s a new contender for the throne, Xersian Hellsdante, the Emperor’s illegitimate son. People are trying to find him, but no one knows where he is.

(Credits: Pocket Comics

New Challenges Ahead:
Things are getting really interesting with Xersian in the picture. Carnephelia has a lot to think about. But for now, she’s focused on finding a way to help Helis Svenback, who helped her in her past life. With the Royal Physician’s help, she’s getting closer to her goal.

Release Date:
Chapter 36 of “Carnephelia’s Curse Is Never Ending” will be out on September 20, 2023.

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