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The Mermaid I Loved Chapter 4 – A Fantasy Love Story

In this chapter, we continue the exciting fantasy romance drama. It’s a story about a girl named Jung Ya-Na who doesn’t have much and a wealthy guy named Shim Kai who has a big secret.

A Day in Ya-Na’s Life

Ya-Na works really hard at multiple jobs just to get by. One day, while delivering food to the beach, she learns that people are searching for a mermaid sighting. She can’t help but judge them for spending so much time on a wild goose chase. That’s when she meets Shim Kai.

Shim Kai: The Aquarium Mermaid

Shim Kai works as a mermaid entertainer at an aquarium, making children happy. What’s unique is that he’s a real-life mermaid and also the son of a big company.

Kai’s Challenge

Kai can’t lead a normal life because of his mermaid identity. It turns out that the mermaid sighting at the beach was actually Kai in disguise.

Unlikely Meeting

Ya-Na and Kai cross paths at a party for Kai’s twin sister, Shim Mira. But things take a strange turn when Kai starts to transform uncontrollably.

Credits: Naver Series

A Scary Transformation

Kai desperately needs water to breathe, and Ya-Na is the closest person with some water. She tries to help, but it’s not enough. She gets scared and runs away.

Rescue by a Bodyguard

Luckily, one of Kai’s bodyguards named Cha Joo-Woon helps him out by pouring water on him. Joo-Woon also knows the family secret.

Ya-Na’s Bold Move

In the last chapter, Ya-Na stood up to her boss who refused to pay her. She even got his father involved, and he faced consequences for his actions.

Ya-Na’s New Gig

Desperate for money, Ya-Na takes a job at a rich person’s birthday party. She’s surprised to see her ex-boss there, who causes trouble. Ya-Na tries to escape but ends up falling into a pool.

A Cold Encounter

Kai sees Ya-Na in trouble but hesitates to help. He moves his hands away just as she reaches out to him.

What’s Next?

Chapter 4 is coming up, and it doesn’t look good for Ya-Na. She’s been warned not to cause any problems at her new job, but it seems like trouble keeps finding her. Will Kai offer her a job at Inoroo? We’ll have to wait and see.

Chapter 4 Release Date

Chapter 4 of “The Mermaid I Loved” is expected to be released around September 16, 2023.

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