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The Max Level Hero has Returned Chapter 143 release date

In the next chapter of “The Max Level Hero has Returned!” (Chapter 143), preparations for a big festival are about to start. This festival will include three different races: humans, dwarves, and a mysterious group called the elves.

Davey’s Idea for the Festival

Davey, one of the main characters, suggests holding the festival in an area called Heinz Territory. He also wants to create a special doorway, called a portal, to connect it to a dwarf village called White Boulder Village. This way, dwarves can easily join the festivities.

Surprise Reaction from Elder Golgoda

Elder Golgoda, a leader among the dwarves, is surprised by Davey’s idea. That’s because there has been some tension between dwarves and humans in Heinz Territory before. Davey’s motive is to have more dwarves live in his territory and improve relations between them and humans.

Why the Festival Matters

Davey believes that hosting a festival where everyone can participate will help reduce the friction between these groups. Elder Golgoda gets excited when he hears about this plan. Davey is determined to grow his influence and make his territory strong because he used to be seen as an incompetent prince.

Davey’s Personal Motivation

Davey knows what it’s like to feel worthless after a near-death experience and having no one to help. He wants to enlist the help of different races, including the secretive elves who have never been seen before. The festival is a chance to achieve his dreams.

Credits: Kakao Page

About “The Max Level Hero has Returned!”

This story is an action-fantasy and adventure comic (manhwa). It’s about a hero who nearly dies and goes into a deep sleep to train his soul with skilled masters in a distant place. The story includes adventure, magic, politics, and some well-timed humor.

Fans’ Excitement for the Festival

Fans of the series are eager to learn more about the festival preparations and what will happen next. In this article, we’ll discuss when Chapter 143 of “The Max Level Hero has Returned!” will be released, recap the previous chapter, and tell you where you can read the manhwa.

Chapter 142 Recap

In the previous chapter, Elder Golgoda visits Heinz Territory to invite Goulda to the Dwarf Mine Festival. This festival is held twice a year where dwarves offer gifts to the God of Iron and celebrate for days. Different tribes usually have their own festivals in their villages.

Davey takes this chance to suggest holding the festival in Heinz Territory and creating a portal for the dwarves to attend. After some thought, Golgoda agrees, and Davey also hopes that the mysterious elves will join. There’s a lot of mystery around the elves, who have been secluded in the Lunar Forest for a long time.

Davey’s Plan and Surprise Guests

Davey gathers his close associates to share his plans for the upcoming festivals. Golgoda reveals that dwarves used to have a tense relationship with the elves. They discuss the elves, but even Golgoda doesn’t know much about them.

During their conversation, some unexpected guests appear—elves who act familiar with Davey. Yulia, the leader of the Lunar Forest, had been with them under a false name, Yully. She agrees to participate in the festival, and this surprises everyone.

Chapter 143 Release Date

Chapter 143 of “The Max Level Hero has Returned!” will be released on Tuesday, September 12, 2023, at 12:00 AM KST.

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