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The Male Lead’s Nephew Like Me So Much Chapter 35 – What’s Happening Next?

In this manga story, the main character starts as a regular woman but then dies and is reborn as a villainess from a popular romance story. The villainess was known for causing trouble for the male leads and female leads in the story, leading to her own downfall. To avoid her tragic fate, she moves to the countryside but is later summoned back to the city by her father.

Unexpected Twist with the Royal Heir

Now, things get even more complicated when it’s revealed that the long-lost royal heir, who was thought to be dead, is actually alive and searching for the protagonist. The protagonist rescues a young beggar on her way back to the city, not knowing that this child is the missing royal heir. She grows attached to him, and her once peaceful life becomes filled with mystery and unexpected events.

Chapter 34 Recap

Credits: Kakao

In Chapter 34, the story takes an exciting turn as the characters investigate the mystery surrounding the Ronatus family and their connections. There are concerns about the protagonist’s health, and Princess Rienta is mentioned. Some friends make fun of the protagonist’s appearance and speculate about the cause of their fainting spell. Baron Pinut’s actions are discussed, and there’s a sense of support from friends.

More Mysteries Unfold

The story hints at a complicated scenario involving Irian, Rosetta, and Marquis Ronatus. Erich Ronatus’s death adds to the complexity of the family’s situation. There are discussions about the family’s declining status in international affairs and their ties to the queen. A valuable item could help save the family.

Meeting Princess Rienta

Credits: Kakao

Upon returning to the mansion, Princess Rienta asks about the protagonist’s leg injury and wants to see it. Some characters find this request odd and wonder if there are hidden injuries or secrets. Noah promises to investigate Count Fernan and uncover the true source of power within the Marquis Ronatus family.

Chapter 35 Release Date

Chapter 35 of “The Male Lead’s Nephew Like Me So Much” is scheduled to be released on September 18, 2023. So, mark your calendars if you’re following this intriguing story!

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