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“The Lady’s Musical Tale: Chapter 92 “

In the next chapter of our story, Aurelian shared his feelings with Rubia in the previous chapter. Now, readers are eager to know if Rubia will feel the same way about him in Chapter 92. But before we get there, let’s talk about something fascinating that happened at a ball.

At the ball, everyone was captivated by Rubia’s incredible piano skills. They couldn’t believe that she had composed the piece herself. People were truly impressed by the beautiful melody she played; they thought it was perfect.

But then, something unexpected happened. The mood of the music changed suddenly, and it seemed like the melody was telling a story of a heart lost in the darkness. It became haunting and mysterious. Aurelian was puzzled why Rubia chose to play such a song at a celebration, but no one asked her to stop because they were all entranced by her performance. Aurelian realized it wasn’t the right music for a joyful occasion.

 (Credit: Kakao Webtoon)

You see, Rubia was using this music to express her deep despair and anger toward House Luxen. The Grand Duke Luxen had neglected his family due to the loss of his former wife. Margaret and Dianne had mistreated Rubia because they were deprived of the Grand Duke’s love. Rubia believed that they would only find happiness if they acknowledged their past mistakes.

But then, Rubia changed the music once more, introducing a faint glimmer of hope. Her melody brought tears to the guests’ eyes, as if it was trying to comfort wounded hearts.

After her performance, the Duke praised Rubia for her piano skills, but Margaret suggested that Rubia should give a tangible gift instead of music. Rubia noticed Dianne had disappeared during her performance and wondered where she had gone.

Dianne, who had been in her seat the whole time, stopped visiting Rubia after that day. Rubia knew why, but it didn’t concern her. Meanwhile, Aurelian continued to visit Rubia, even though she couldn’t figure out why.

Aurelian explained that he wanted to spend time with his fiancée, but Rubia reminded him that he had visited her plenty of times already. She wondered when he would return to the palace. Aurelian mentioned he still had some work to do in the Luxen Grand Duchy, though Rubia was curious why it was taking so long.

Chapter 92 of “The Lady Wants to Rest” is set to be released on Thursday, October 5, 2023. Stay tuned to find out what happens next!

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