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The Lady Demon’s Plan to Awaken the Crimson King Chapter 35

In a world of demons and danger, a lady demon appeared to save a struggling individual named Ang. However, her intentions were far from noble. She forcibly transformed Ang into a powerful Quadruple Demon, causing him immense pain.

Despite his new demon form, Ang’s human body still endured the strain. This transformation caught the attention of the Crimson King, a powerful figure. But the Crimson King had his own selfish motives for getting involved – he saw Ang as a means to revive himself.

Initially, Ang was just a Double-Finned Demon facing a formidable Triple-Finned Demon. It seemed impossible for him to win. That’s when the lady demon intervened, saving him from certain death. However, her reasons were not altruistic. She aimed to preserve a tool that would help resurrect the beloved Crimson King in the future.

[Credits: Kuaikan]

“Demonic Evolution” is an intriguing action fantasy story that keeps getting more interesting. Ang’s uncertain future adds thrill and tension to the series, especially now that he’s become a Quadruple-Finned Demon and may have lost some of his humanity.

The Crimson King displayed cunning by exploiting Ang’s weaknesses when he was unconscious. In this article, we’ll discuss the release date of “Demonic Evolution” Chapter 35, recap the previous chapter, and tell you where to read the manhua.

In the previous chapter, Ang faced a brutal showdown with a Quadruple-Finned Demon. Just when things seemed dire, a mysterious woman appeared and vanquished the demon, known as Death. This Octuple Finned Demon’s strength overwhelmed Ang, and her attitude was far from friendly. She immediately taunted Ang for his human weakness and inability to defeat a Quadruple-Finned Demon.

To make matters worse, Death inserted a core into Ang’s body, forcing his evolution. This transformation sent Ang into a frenzy, as he was still fundamentally human. He pleaded with Death to stop before he exploded.

[Credits: Kuaikan]

Death created a barrier, leading to the awakening of the Crimson King within Ang. Much to her delight, she finally had a chance to converse with the Crimson King, whom she had been waiting for. The Crimson King scolded Death for interfering, stating that humans must evolve at their own pace. He emphasized the differences between human and demon bodies and urged her not to meddle with Ang’s growth.

Frustrated but compelled to comply, Death agreed. The Crimson King briefly regained consciousness due to the forced evolution.

Release Date & Where to Read:
“Demonic Evolution” Chapter 34 is set to release on Wednesday, November 1, 2023. You can find the manhua on the appropriate platforms to read and enjoy the ongoing story.

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