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The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live A Normal Life Chapter 93:

The intense showdown between Felix and Rowan has come to an exciting end. Rowan, the strong and mighty warrior, emerged as the winner over Felix. Felix had faced many losses at Rowan’s hands, and he finally gave up, admitting that Rowan’s power was beyond his reach. This has left fans eager for Chapter 93 of “The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live A Normal Life.”

Felix, feeling completely outmatched, turned to Rowan for guidance in battle. In the next chapter, we will learn about Rowan’s rigorous training and preparations that made him such a formidable fighter.

In the chapter, Rowan challenged Felix to use his powerful 5 Circle Magic. But Felix, seeing that his fiery attacks couldn’t harm Rowan, decided to retreat for now. He teleported away, but Rowan pursued him relentlessly. In a desperate move, Felix used his magic to immobilize Rowan.

(Credits: Naver)

With Rowan briefly immobilized, Felix took the opportunity to use his “Incomplete Burning” attack to prove himself against Rowan. However, Rowan quickly broke free and got the upper hand, putting his sword at Felix’s neck. He challenged Felix to continue their duel the next day.

Felix woke up later, puzzled by how Rowan had predicted and countered his magic. He realized he needed a new strategy to defeat Rowan and began preparing for their next encounter.

The chapter also sheds light on Burning Magic’s background. It explains that with the disappearance of the Phoenix Tower’s master, Burning Magic was thought to be lost. However, Felix’s dedication allowed him to manifest a fragment of this legendary magic, earning him the nickname “Strong-willed.”

(Credits: Naver)

The next day, Felix and Rowan faced off again, with Felix planning to counter Rowan’s predictive abilities. He used Stone Age magic to gain the high ground and unleashed a fiery attack. Rowan leaped over the flames, but Felix was ready. He launched a fire cannon, but Rowan conjured a mysterious shield to block it, leaving Felix puzzled.

Rowan took advantage of the confusion, closed the gap, and defeated Felix once more. Rowan then proposed a change in the terms of their battle, offering Felix 10,000 gold pieces for each victory. He also challenged Felix to use all his skills. Felix, determined to regain his honor, agreed.

A week later, after suffering multiple defeats, Felix decided to recruit mages from the magic tower to help him. However, they were easily defeated by Rowan. Realizing his own limitations, Felix went to Rowan to admit his defeat. Rowan, intrigued, offered to show Felix how he prepared to anticipate every move.

The next chapter, Chapter 93, is set to be released on November 8, 2023.

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