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Home » The Goal Is to Become a Gold Spoon so I Need to Be Completely Invulnerable Chapter 132: Spoilers & Release Date

The Goal Is to Become a Gold Spoon so I Need to Be Completely Invulnerable Chapter 132: Spoilers & Release Date

In the previous chapter, Adrianna managed to convince the people in the city that demons weren’t their enemies. Now, readers are eager to learn about His Highness’s plan in the upcoming Chapter 132.

People Didn’t Trust Demons at First

The citizens were worried about demons because they believed demons had released monsters in the city. They told Adrianna that they couldn’t trust the demons.

Old Lady Believed Adrianna

However, an old lady spoke up and said she believed Adrianna. She had seen a demon man save a little boy. She thought if the demon hadn’t helped the boy, he might not have survived.

The Child’s Testimony

The little boy also confirmed that the demon master had saved him and that he was unharmed thanks to him. The lady told everyone that the demon master had saved many others from the monsters, too.

Demons Protected Everyone

(Credits: Kakao Webtoon)

Leah Rudolph explained that the demons always arrived to protect people from the monsters before the knights did. She didn’t believe demons who risked their lives to protect everyone could be behind the monster attacks.

Adrianna’s Explanation

Adrianna pointed out that if the rumors from the imperial family were true and demons controlled the monsters, it wouldn’t make sense for them to fight the monsters themselves. She asked if anyone had seen demons attack humans, but no one had because it was their first time seeing demons.

Trust, Not Rumors

Adrianna suggested they shouldn’t believe baseless rumors and should see the truth for themselves. She told them that demons weren’t their enemies, and their real enemies were trying to harm both the empire and the demons.

The Old Lady’s Wisdom

The old lady sensed that Adrianna was different and wanted to know more about her. Adrianna revealed she was from the Crescente Duchy and the crown princess of the demon realm. The old lady thanked Adrianna, although she wasn’t sure why.

Hope for Reconciliation

The old lady shared that in her time, humans and demons used to live together peacefully. She believed that after Adrianna’s revelation, everyone could come together again. She felt that the world was changing, and soon humans and demons could reconcile.

His Highness’s Escape

(Credits: Kakao Webtoon)

His Highness left the palace through a secret passage, thinking about a time when he had done the same before. He felt alone after losing his imperial mother, and Cynthia was stuck inside the palace.

Chapter 132 Release Date

Chapter 132 of “The Goal Is to Become a Gold Spoon so I Need to Be Completely Invulnerable” will be released on Thursday, October 5, 2023.

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