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“The Fake Saintess’s Big Decision – Chapter 24”

In this next chapter of the story, something major is about to happen to the main female character. She has to make a difficult choice that involves her giving herself to a man who wants to use her for his own gain. But there’s a lot happening, and this event might not happen as expected.

So, why is the female lead forced to make this difficult decision? Well, she’s not originally from this world. She’s a reincarnated person who ended up in the body of a fake saintess who had already died in this story. She had many options for stories to end up in, but somehow, she ended up in a scary one.

 (Credits: Ridi Books)

The scary part for her is that the story she’s in involves the fake saintess being burned at the stake, similar to what happened to Joan of Arc. The thought of this terrifies the female lead, and she’s trying to escape from the church any way she can. But here’s the twist: Yvelina, the original owner of the body, is still alive inside, and she knows what’s going to happen. She might even have a way to fix things.

In Chapter 23, the fake male lead was plotting inside the church, thinking about how to destroy it from within. He seemed like a classic villain from a comedy, making all sorts of evil plans. However, he doesn’t realize the power of love, and he doesn’t know that sometimes love can change things and even turn back time. Unfortunately, this isn’t that kind of story, especially with Yvelina’s messed-up situation.

 (Credits: Ridi Books)

Time in this story only moves forward, and there’s no going back or time travel. Everything depends on how the characters deal with the consequences of their actions. Meanwhile, the female lead is regretting her choice of reading the wrong novel before she died.

In Chapter 24, things are going to get even more intense for the female lead. A troublesome character is about to show up at the worst possible moment. Given the nature of this story, it might be a time for action rather than words, and it might involve the wrong person. The male lead could have appeared at a crucial time in the previous chapter, but he didn’t.

 (Credits: Ridi Books)

Speaking of the male lead, he did make an appearance in the last chapter, and he seemed quite upset. It looked like he was ready to confront the fake male lead, possibly aware of the schemes that were being hatched. Based on what we know from the last chapter, we might see him appear again and potentially rescue the female lead.

If you’re eagerly waiting for Chapter 24, mark your calendar for October 4, 2023, because that’s when it’s set to be released.

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