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The Exciting Return of the Swordmaster: Chapter 38

Before we dive into what’s coming in Chapter 38, let’s first talk about what this manga is all about and who the main characters are.

A Long Time Ago in a Grand Empire…

Three decades have passed since a big, fierce battle. The wise Empress Hela Rose, who used to be smart and beautiful, went a little crazy. The once glorious Kile Empire, with five hundred years of history, was now under dark clouds.

(Credits: Kakao Page)

Empress Hela Rose’s loyal subjects were accused of being terrible traitors and were executed. Only those who knew how to say nice things to the Empress survived.

So, what happened to make Empress Hela Rose so afraid? What changed her so much? And will the eunuch she beheaded really come back, like he promised before he died?

Recap of Chapter 37

In Chapter 37 of “The Return of the Prodigious Swordmaster,” we saw Yuma appearing in a new place once again. This time, he arrived at a gate, and this time, Natalie can be saved. Yuma and Zeka carry her and try to get inside.

But the gate guards ask who these boys are. Yuma tells them they’re from the Puang Merchant Union and have a wounded person. The guards want some proof, but Yuma and Zeka lost their IDs during the war.

So, Yuma shows them his sword and says they can check the name on the blade, given by his master. But the guards don’t budge and won’t let them in.

(Credits: Kakao Page)

Little did Yuma and Zeka know that the guards were told not to open the gates easily when people from Joheim arrive. Acting forcefully at the Capital Gate was a serious offense, and they knew Yuma couldn’t do anything about it.

What’s Coming in Chapter 38?

In Chapter 38 of “The Return of the Prodigious Swordmaster,” we might find out who ordered the guards to keep Yuma and Zeka out. Based on what we’ve seen so far, it looks like it could be Lord Heize.

Will Zeka and Yuma manage to save Natalie this time? Or will things go wrong again, and they might lose her?

Mark Your Calendar!

“The Return of the Prodigious Swordmaster” Chapter 38 is set to be released on October 1st, 2023. Get ready for more adventure and excitement!

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