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“The Duke’s New Look: I Got Married to a Duke Called Beast”Chapter 8

In the previous chapter, Nadia and Luke cleared up their misunderstanding. Readers are eager to see Luke’s new appearance in Chapter 8 after his beard trim.

Jade’s Surprise
Jade tried to calm Luke down and gave him some good news. He had found the best barber in town and brought them to the palace. Luke was so shocked that he fainted at the sight of the barber behind him. Worried, he asked Jade to step aside and even draw his sword, thinking Jade was up to something.

Credits: Comic Webtoon)

Luke’s Drastic Decision
Luke told Jade to forget about barbers, as he believed no barber could match up to him. Jade thought Luke was angry and might harm him, so he urged Luke to calm down and stop looking for barbers.

Nadia’s Thoughts
Nadia was asked by her maid if she wanted to continue her embroidery or go to bed. Nadia chose sleep and expressed her worry that the Duke hadn’t visited her room since their night together. She wondered if she had done something wrong and couldn’t recall the details due to being drunk.

Nadia’s Determination
Feeling alone, Nadia decided to talk to the Duke herself. Her maids noticed her sneaking out and decided to watch over her from a distance. They were concerned for her safety.

Luke’s Dilemma
Luke contemplated hiding from Nadia because he felt embarrassed about his beard. He decided to follow Jade’s advice and stay away from her for now.

Credits: Comic Webtoon)

Unexpected Visit
Late at night, Nadia visited Luke’s office, surprising him with her presence. Luke wondered why she was there at such an unusual hour, thinking it might be a dream. Nadia explained she was bored alone, leaving Luke embarrassed by her candidness.

Chapter 8 Release Date
Chapter 8 of “I Got Married to a Duke Called Beast” is expected to release on Thursday, October 5, 2023.

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