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The Duchess With An Empty Soul Chapter 123: Secrets Unveiled

In the world of Fantasy Manhwa, “The Duchess With An Empty Soul” Chapter 123 is about to hit the shelves. This story revolves around Yvona Bote, a woman who once gave everything for the man she loved, only to be betrayed and left broken. Let’s delve into the recap of the journey leading up to this latest chapter.

Yvona Bote, the daughter of Duke Bote, had never been treated as more than an object by men due to her excellent figure. But Gasper Gieze was different; he seemed to genuinely care for her. However, Gasper was merely using her to secure the empire’s crown, exploiting her summoner abilities and forcing her into forbidden techniques.

As Yvona’s body weakened from overuse, she discovered Gasper’s affair with her own cousin, Tristan. The revelation shattered her, leading to her untimely death. Surprisingly, she woke up a year in the past, retaining her Divine Beast contracts but losing her forbidden technique powers.

Credits: Kakao Page

She exposed Gasper to the Empire, got engaged to his rival Claude Azentine, and together, they became a formidable couple with Yvona’s Divine Beasts and Claude’s Holy Sword. Yvona’s abilities flourished, culminating in a contract with the King of Divine Beasts. They led an army to defeat the Demon King, earning them the nickname “Masters Of The Shooting Star.”

Now, at a two-day capital banquet, Claude and Yvona’s victory is celebrated. But a dark cloud looms over their happiness.

Release Date:
“The Duchess With An Empty Soul” Chapter 123 is set to release on or around September 19, 2023.

In this latest chapter, secrets about Claude’s condition and a looming threat will test Yvona and Claude’s relationship and abilities. Stay tuned to unravel the mysteries and challenges they face in this captivating Fantasy Manhwa.

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