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The Dilettante Chapter 34: The Latest Thrilling Part

In this new chapter of “The Dilettante” we dive into the story of Lee Ha-Na, a woman on a mission to save her only family member, her twin brother. However, her quest entangles her with the Sicilian Mafia and an international drug ring. Plus, her past as a counter-terrorism agent comes back to haunt her. Can she find her brother while battling her own demons?

Ha-Na’s Difficult Childhood and Family Bond

Growing up was tough for Lee Ha-Na due to an abusive father. Her only solace was her twin brother, Lee Du-Yi. They both pursued careers in law enforcement, with Du-Yi becoming an Intelligence Agent, and Ha-Na joining Valentine’s Day, an organization known for handling dangerous missions.

A Heartbreaking Call

One day, Ha-Na receives a call that shatters her world – her brother’s apparent death. She is devastated but refuses to believe it. Soon, she receives a call from her brother on their secret phone, setting her on a mission to rescue him from someone impersonating the Sicilian Mafia’s Capo.

Credits: Manta

A Risky Alliance

Ha-Na reconnects with her old team to plan a meeting with the real Capo, Giulio Parenti. She promises to help him uncover the impersonator in exchange for rescuing her brother. Their professional relationship quickly becomes personal. Ha-Na also receives assistance from a mysterious figure named Yoo Eun-Sung.

Eun-Sung’s Departure and a Warning

In the previous chapter, Giulio fired Yoo Eun-Sung as Ha-Na’s bodyguard. Eun-Sung seems to accept this decision, believing Ha-Na has made her choice. However, Ha-Na receives a call from Du-Yi warning her about her association with the Mobster.

Heart-to-Heart Conversation

After the call, Ha-Na and Giulio have a heartfelt conversation, sharing their troubled pasts. Ha-Na reveals her arrest during her time in the Anti-Terrorism Unit, where her colleague’s family was killed. Giulio talks about his own dark past involving his mother’s affair partner. Despite these revelations, Ha-Na plans her escape with her brother.

Upcoming Chapter 34: Reunion or Trap?

Chapter 34 promises to reveal Du-Yi’s coordinates, bringing Ha-Na one step closer to reuniting with her brother. However, there’s a lingering suspicion that it might be a trap. With the Sicilian Mafia’s support and Ha-Na’s resourcefulness, the mission seems more manageable. We can’t wait to see if Ha-Na successfully rescues her brother in the next chapter.

Release Date for Chapter 34

“The Dilettante” Chapter 34 is expected to be released around September 17, 2023. Stay tuned for this thrilling installment!

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