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“The Devil Raises A Lady Chapter 7”

In Chapter 6 of “The Devil Raises A Lady,” Ayana and Diabel have a conversation. Ayana wants Diabel to help her create an army, but he says he can’t do it for free. He explains that she needs something valuable to trade in return. Ayana gets frustrated and threatens to have him thrown out, but Diabel reminds her that demon-related matters are kept secret.

Ayana is upset that Diabel can’t use his demon powers to help her and calls him useless. Diabel offers to help her as a human instead of a demon. Ayana still doesn’t like him but realizes she can’t do everything alone. Diabel believes he can be a good knight for her.

(Credits: Kakao)

Cecilia enters the room, interrupting their conversation. Ayana asks Diabel to leave, and Cecilia asks Ayana about her upcoming engagement. Ayana remembers the party invitation from Fletta Roselle and looks forward to meeting the Roselle family.

“The Devil Raises A Lady Chapter 7 – Party Time!”

Chapter 7 of “The Devil Raises A Lady” will be available on September 19, 2023. In this chapter, Ayana will finally meet the people responsible for her family’s downfall, the Roselle family. She’s excited about the party invitation she received from Fletta Roselle, and fans can expect more drama in the series.


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