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The Cube Cadets Face a Dangerous Challenge in Chapter 82

In the last chapter, the Cube Cadets, who are brave heroes, encounter the dangerous Demon’s Master Guild. These cloaked figures have unusual and puzzling abilities.

Surprise Return

The Cube Cadets return unexpectedly and wonder about the Guild’s intentions. Things get tricky, and their 3D shape weakens, making them heavier.

Leader Takes Action

The leader of the Guild starts caring for people nearby. James, the Commander of Demon’s Pro Society, arrives. The Cadets tell him they killed a creature but haven’t been paid yet, which annoys the Guild.

(Credits: Kakao)

Chapter 81 Recap

Chapter 81 begins with the Cube Cadets facing the Demon’s Master Guild. They question why the Guild members are back, and the Guild members are not happy with their presence.

Tense Situation

The Cadets are upset because they didn’t get paid for their work. When James, the founder of Demon’s Ace Society, appears, things get even darker. He orders his society members to attack the Cadets, putting their lives in danger.

Worry for Suho

Suho, one of the Cadets, gets separated and faces an unusual barrier. Everyone is concerned about his safety since he can’t see what’s outside.

Suho’s Abilities

In the chapter, Suho’s abilities are briefly explained. He’s seen as a promising traveler due to his impressive tomahawks, despite being a Cadet.

(Credits: Kakao)

A Clever Plan

Despite the odds, one of the Cadets comes up with a smart plan to deal with the Guild.

Uncertain Fate

Suho’s situation inside the barrier is uncertain, and it’s unclear if the Cadets will escape this dangerous scenario.

Release Date

Chapter 82 of “The Novel’s Extra (Remake)” is set to be released on November 6, 2023.

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