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The Couple Breaker: Chapter 45


▪ When Gyeongmo Chu enters the room Yoonsik Bong starts makes fun of him.

▪ Noona showed nothing but sincere feelings toward Chu.

▪ Yuri and Mungju are on a date

Yoonsik Bong Thinks Gyeongmo Chu Doesn’t See True Value
In the world of “The Couple Breaker,” Yoonsik Bong believes that Gyeongmo Chu doesn’t see the real worth of people around him. Fans are eagerly awaiting Chapter 45 to find out what happens next.

l (Credits: Naver)

Release Date and a Look Back

We’ll also share the release date for Chapter 45 and take a closer look at Chapter 44, so we all understand the story better.

Spoilers and Predictions

Fans have some exciting spoilers and predictions about what might happen in Chapter 45.Chapter 44 RecapIn the previous chapter, when Gyeongmo Chu walks into a room, Yoonsik Bong bursts into laughter. He thinks Chu has an inferiority complex just like him, which makes him undervalue others. This triggers Chu, who insists that Noona genuinely cares for him and is more beautiful and better than anyone else. Yoonsik is determined not to make the same mistake as Chu.

l (Credits: Naver)

Later, Yuri is at a party, and she suggests having some drinks with Mungju, away from prying eyes.

Chapter 45: What’s Coming
In Chapter 45, Joo Ah and Juang are at the beach, and Juang offers to light some fireworks. Noona remembers her time with Chu and the mysterious Yang Taerin. She worries that she’s causing them pain and feels uncertain about her thoughts.

Chapter 45 Release Date

Get ready for Chapter 45, which is set to release on October 20, 2023, to discover what happens next in “The Couple Breaker.”

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