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“The Couple Breaker” Chapter 45:


  1. Yoon-Sik Calms Him Down: Yoon-Sik makes him feel better, but his serious way of talking and being respectful makes things a bit weird.
  2. Yoon-Sik and Sanghee Are Wondering: Yoon-Sik and Sanghee are interested in knowing what they like to do when they’re not busy.
  3. Yoon-Sik Acts Strange: Yoon-Sik starts acting in a way that raises suspicions.

In the last part of our story, everything was going just as planned. But in Chapter 45, something unexpected happened. Yoon-Sik, one of the main characters, surprised everyone by suddenly stopping the filming. This left the group completely confused, as they had no clue about Yoon-Sik’s intentions.

Credits: Naver)

They wondered if he was sick, and the room filled with hushed conversations. As the story unfolds, Yoon-Sik’s actions get stranger. He remains surprisingly calm, considering the situation. This unexpected move confuses everyone, and they start to doubt their own thoughts and feelings.

What’s Next in Chapter 46 of “The Couple Breaker”?

As the story continues, the characters try their best to understand Yoon-Sik’s actions, but they can’t figure it out. Another character named Sanghee is worried about the color of Yoon-Sik’s eyes and wants to meet him. Yoon-Sik’s response is quite emotional, even though it’s formal. Now, let’s find out when Chapter 46 of “The Couple Breaker” will be released and where you can read it.

Credits: Naver)

Chapter 45 Recap:

In Chapter 45 of “The Couple Breaker,” Yoon-Sik surprised everyone by stopping the filming abruptly. This left the other characters in the story puzzled and intrigued. Some lesser-known characters also make an appearance in this chapter. They struggle to understand why Yoon-Sik suddenly stopped filming. Yoon-Sik’s behavior becomes suspicious, and he seems unfazed by it all, leaving the others at a loss for words. Sanghee suggests they meet Yoon-Sik.

Credits: Naver)

Chapter 46 Release Date:

Chapter 46 of “The Couple Breaker” is set to be released on October 27, 2023. So, stay tuned for the next exciting installment in the story!

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