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The Couple Breaker Chapter 41

In Chapter 41 of “The Couple Breaker,” Taerin and Choo Kyung-mo are spending time together on the beach. They seem to be having a sweet moment, but trouble brews when Yoonsik starts arguing with Taerin.

Yoonsik asks, “Do you think I’m not good enough?” This argument stems from Taerin mentioning another guy in front of Choo Kyung-mo, which might have made Yoonsik feel a bit jealous and insecure. You can tell from his facial expression that Taerin’s comment has hurt his feelings.

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Taerin probably didn’t mean to upset him, but she might need to reassure him that it wasn’t her intention. We hope they can work things out in the next chapter and focus on why they’re there in the first place. Yoonsik might finally gather the courage to express his feelings for Taerin, as it seems he’s been holding back until now.

In the next chapter, we might see more of Taerin and Choo Kyung-mo’s romantic moments. If you’re eagerly waiting for Chapter 41 of “The Couple Breaker,” don’t worry. We’ll provide information on the release date, spoilers, and where you can read it.

Chapter 40 Recap:

In the previous chapter, Taerin and Yoonsik Bong, old friends, had an awkward moment. Taerin was searching for her sunglasses while Yoonsik glanced at her sketchbook, which was right there. Things got embarrassing when Taerin snatched the book from his hands. She seemed unwilling to let Yoonsik see what was inside.

Later, Yoonsik revealed that Taerin still had feelings for Choo Kyung-mo. When Taerin asked why he wanted to know such personal information, Yoonsik simply said, “I’m curious.” Taerin’s response left him puzzled: “I don’t know. I guess I just liked him before, but he’s not the same guy anymore.”

(Credits: WebToon)

In the next panel, all the couples on the show were assigned to explore Yeong-Cheong Island in Paris and go on a mini-date with their designated partner. Taerin and Choo Kyung-mo, by luck of the draw, ended up together and headed straight to the island.

They had a small chat before arriving on the island, spending quality time together and reminiscing about their past as a couple. Choo Kyung-mo suggested revisiting the clam restaurant they used to frequent, but Taerin declined, as reliving those old memories was difficult. Instead, she suggested a stroll on the beach, and they enjoyed a lovely walk together, taking some great pictures.

In the following panel, Taerin adjusted Choo Kyung-mo’s clothes and complimented him. However, her comment seemed to affect him negatively, making him question if he was good enough for her. This left Choo Kyung-mo changed from the person he used to be.

The chapter ended with Choo Kyung-mo asking, “Do you think I’m not good enough?”

Chapter 41 Spoilers:

Chapter 41 of “The Couple Breaker” promises to intensify the tension between the main couple as they have a heated argument. Fans of the classic enemies-to-lovers plot will be in for a treat.

Release Date:

You can look forward to reading Chapter 41 of “The Couple Breaker” on September 22, 2023.

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