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The Complicated Story of “Please Divorce Me” Chapter 37

Chapter 37 Cliffhanger: Eun Chae Wants a Divorce

  • Eun Chae has asked for a divorce from Cha Jin Wook.
  • She can’t explain why, and Jin Wook is unaware of her intentions.

About “Please Divorce Me”

  • This manga follows the one-year marriage of Wook and Eun Chae, arranged under specific terms.
  • Eun Chae is reborn with the condition of finding true love within a year, which means getting a divorce from her husband, Wook.
Credits: Kakao Webtoon

Chapter 36 Recap: Eun Chae’s Life and Wook’s Concern

  • Eun Chae had a tough life before marrying Wook, even though their marriage was just for show.
  • Wook always cared for her and worried about her, even though it was a contract marriage.
  • Eun Chae felt inadequate as Wook’s wife and wasn’t happy.

Chapter 36 Events:

  • Wook believes Eun Chae will be fine, as she’s being adopted by her piano teacher to continue playing the piano.
  • He leaves abroad, feeling content about her future.
  • After several years, he returns and wonders about Eun Chae’s life.
  • He worries about her having a boyfriend.
  • During a business meeting, he sees someone who looks like Eun Chae but doesn’t confirm it.
  • He learns about Eun Chae’s difficult situation and rushes to meet her.
  • They get married, and he continues to protect her, but now she wants a divorce to solve her problems independently.

Chapter 37 Spoilers:

  • In the next chapter, Wook will likely ask Eun Chae why she wants a divorce.
  • However, Eun Chae won’t be able to explain the truth.
  • Wook, being understanding, encourages her to take her time to make a decision.

Chapter 37 Release Date:

  • “Please Divorce Me” Chapter 37 will be released on September 14, 2023.

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