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The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten Chapter 13

Amane and Mahiru had a fun time on Christmas Eve. They played games and chatted together. Now, readers are eager to know how they’ll spend their New Year.

Amane’s Thoughtful Gesture
Amane wanted to make sure Mahiru had a great time, so he brought along a bunch of games. He knew she liked games, but he wasn’t sure which ones she preferred. He offered her many choices. However, Mahiru was a bit overwhelmed with so many options.

(Credits: Square Enix)

Choosing a Game
Amane came to the rescue by suggesting they play a platformer game. Mahiru wasn’t familiar with the game controls, so Amane helped her learn how to use the controller. Even with lots of practice, Mahiru struggled to beat Amane in the game.

Amane’s Encouragement
Amane felt a little disheartened when Mahiru couldn’t even defeat the first enemy in the game. But he believed that practice makes perfect and was determined to help her build her gaming skills. He wanted to keep her enthusiasm alive.

Mahiru’s Progress
After practicing with Amane, Mahiru started to understand the game better. She was delighted when she successfully dodged an attack, even though Amane thought it wasn’t a big deal.

(Credits: Square Enix)

A Special Moment
Amane noticed something about Mahiru up close—she had long eyelashes. As they got closer, they both felt a bit awkward.

Compliments and Changes
Amane pointed out to Mahiru that she had become better at expressing herself since they first met. At first, Mahiru wasn’t sure about it. Amane reminded her that she used to act reserved and not very cute. Mahiru seemed a bit upset, but Amane reassured her that she was more approachable now, which he appreciated. He also mentioned that her smile had become much cuter, and he loved seeing her happy.

Awkward Moments
Mahiru suddenly covered Amane’s face with a scarf and blushed, leaving Amane puzzled by her behavior. He didn’t understand why she was feeling embarrassed. She decided to step outside for some fresh air, and Amane gave her a warm blanket to stay cozy in the cold.

Friendly Concern
Mahiru reminded Amane to take care of himself since he had caught a cold before. Amane admitted it happened because he had been careless. He also realized that it had been two months since they began talking, which made Mahiru feel a bit strange.

Open Feelings
Amane confessed to Mahiru that he had always admired her but hadn’t planned on getting close to her. In response, Mahiru expressed her gratitude for everything he had done for her.

Upcoming Chapter
“The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten Chapter 13” is expected to be released on Sunday, October 22, 2023.

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