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Thank You For Your Betrayal Chapter 25″

Irina Lakers, the powerful daughter of a Duke’s Family, had a special gift from God. Even her father was afraid of her incredible ability. But her father did something terrible because of his fear – he tried to harm her. Irina had a seemingly perfect life with a loving husband and a caring father, but they were secretly poisoning her.

Her father, Count Lakers, brought her a special drink called Red Dandelion Extract, which made her sick. Her husband, Henry, was hired by her father to get close to her and continued the poisoning. After three years of what seemed like a happy marriage, Irina died, betrayed by both her father and husband.

 (Credits: Comico)

However, in a strange twist of fate, Irina didn’t stay dead. She woke up in her bed in the past. Now, she had to figure out who else knew about her father’s betrayal. Luckily, her siblings Reene and Eden were innocent. Irina’s plan was to escape from her house and seek help from Ian Lancaster, the Emperor’s nephew, who was known for his insomnia.

Ian helped Irina and brought her to the Lancaster Manor, where they prepared for their wedding. Everything was going smoothly until her father, who had filed a false report with the Emperor, tried to stop the wedding. Irina refused to give in to his demands and married Ian anyway.

 (Credits: Comico)

But their happiness was short-lived when Crown Prince Astasio arrived, accusing Ian of kidnapping Irina and forcing her into marriage. He used his royal authority to declare their marriage void.

In the upcoming Chapter 25, Irina and Ian will have to fight against these allegations. Will Irina finally be able to secure her freedom and start a new life, or will history repeat itself?

Thank You For Your Betrayal Chapter 25 is expected to be released around September 20, 2023.

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