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Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 92

In this chapter, we’ll see some thrilling action as two members of the Seven Colors go after their final target on the list. This target happens to be the last survivor of the moon sacrifice. Jin is also hot on their trail, so we might witness a dramatic showdown before they eliminate their last mark.

Jin and Jett’s Mission

Jin and Jett traveled to the Denki kingdom with a special mission: to learn more about the orphanage they once called home and investigate the survivors of the moon sacrifice. However, things took an unexpected turn. The Seven Colors members had already found the survivors, and now they’re on a mission to eliminate their final target. Will Jin catch up to them in time? Let’s find out in the upcoming chapter.

(Credits: Kakao)

Release Date for Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 92

If you’re eagerly waiting for the next chapter of Swordmaster’s Youngest Son, Chapter 92 is set to release on Saturday, September 30, 2023.

Chapter 92 Spoilers: Unveiling Secrets

In this chapter, we get some shocking revelations. The two individuals we see at the end of the previous chapter are connected to Luna’s nanny, who raised them. It turns out that Luna’s nanny is the one who cursed Jin. This marks the beginning of an exciting revelation arc, where we’ll uncover the truth behind the curse.

Luna’s Innocence and Taimune’s Guilt

Luna, who didn’t know about the curse, will be devastated when she learns the truth. These two individuals have ties to Taimune, who helped Jin during his initial poison plan. There’s a misunderstanding, but eventually, Jin discovers that these siblings were involved in the attempt to poison him as an infant. This revelation shakes Luna’s trust in her nanny and her sibling.

(Credits: Kakao)

A Sense of Betrayal

Luna feels a sense of betrayal from her nanny and the revelation about her sibling’s actions. In response, she decides to actively support Jin. While Luna is innocent, Taimune is not. Joshua, who convinced her to help him in exchange for her safety, was one of the people behind the curse placed on Jin when he was a baby. We’ll learn more about the others involved later.

Assassins Raised by Nanny Taimune

The individuals we saw at the end of the recent chapter are assassins raised by Nanny Taimune, and they are heavily dependent on her. Nanny Taimune will meet her end, and Joshua will use this opportunity to seek revenge and gain control over these two people. What happens to them next is a mystery, as the translations ended when Jin went into training for many years inside a portal.

Meet the New Characters

One of the characters introduced in this chapter is Kuzan, an 8-star swordsman skilled in using poison. The other is an 8-star magician. Both of them consider Luna’s nanny their mother and currently work under Joshua, Luna’s second brother. Initially, they try to harm Jin, but as the story unfolds, they end up joining the good side and swear revenge on Joshua for killing their mother, Luna’s nanny.

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