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Surviving The Game As A Barbarian

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Lee Hansoo who spent most of his days in the hospital because of his chronic illness. Bored with video games, his usual pastime, he decided to try something new. That’s when he discovered the mysterious game ‘Dungeon And Stone,’ despite the lack of reviews.

Although this game was different from what he usually played, with a simple vertical-scroll format, Lee Hansoo gave it a try because it was free. Surprisingly, he got hooked on the game and became determined to be the first to clear it. The big question was: Could he succeed in this new gaming challenge?

Recap: Lightning Strikes in Chapter 40

In the previous chapter, Hikurod Murad showcased his lightning skills in the game. The team faced challenges from a sixth-floor clan, and there was some tension among the members. Despite initial conflicts, Rotmiller’s leadership style eventually brought the team together.

 (Credits: The Anime Daily)

The Adventure Continues: What’s Next?

In the upcoming chapters, the team faces more challenges from the sixth-floor clan. Hikurod Murad’s lightning abilities prove to be valuable, earning him praise from the team. Despite some initial awkwardness, the team starts to form unexpected bonds under Rotmiller’s leadership.

As the team embarks on their mission, personal stories and childhood traumas come to light during some cringy chat sessions. Lee Hansoo, not a fan of these heart-to-heart talks, might discover the strength in being real and connecting with his teammates.

Now, with the introduction of Therianthropes and Spirit Beasts, the story takes a mystical turn. The contracts with these ancient beasts could be the key to defeating the tough clan. The upcoming chapters may explore each member’s unique contract and how it enhances their combat abilities.

What to Expect: Release Date and Reading Info

Get ready for a mix of action, character development, and strategic reveals as the team faces challenges and confronts the sixth-floor clan. Chapter 41 of “Surviving The Game As A Barbarian” is set to be released on November 30, 2023. Don’t miss out on the adventure!

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