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Superhuman Battlefield Chapter 75

After the Second Match ended with the English Team winning against South Korea, fans were thrilled to know more about the upcoming Chapter 75 of Superhuman Battlefield.

Superhuman Battlefield Chapter 75 Release Date:
You can expect to read Superhuman Battlefield Chapter 75 on October 8, 2023.

(CC: Naver)

Chapter 74 Recap:
In Chapter 74, we learned that Roy Meyer from the English Team was the Most Valuable Player (MVP) with four kills and four assists. He played exceptionally well, turning the game around by taking down six Korean players simultaneously with his superpowers.

Surprisingly, Seomoon Yeop from the Korean Team, who didn’t win the MVP title, also stood out. He skillfully dodged Roy Meyer’s attacks and even gave his team the lead at one point.

The Battle Continues:
In the second match, Seomoon Yeop almost led his team to victory with four kills and one assist. However, he was hit by Roy Meyer’s Frozen Seal, which ultimately led to the Korean Team’s defeat. But even after the Seal was lifted, Seomoon Yeop fought valiantly, taking down three more players.

This performance showcased that Korean superhuman, Seomoon Yeop, is indeed a world-class player.

(CC: Naver)

Chapter 75 Expectations:
Chapter 75 will feature “The Tomb of Ten Thousand” as the Grand Finale Dungeon. Seomoon believes that figurine pits will play a significant role in the match. These pits house the Emperor’s soldiers, who were turned into undead beings while alive.

The structure of the dungeon is such that the pits will collapse if the Guarding Commander of each pit is defeated. In the center lies the Imperial Palace, where the Emperor resides.

In summary, fans can’t wait for Superhuman Battlefield Chapter 75 to be released on October 8, 2023, and are eager to see what unfolds in this thrilling superhuman battle.

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