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Home » Superhuman Battlefield Chapter 72 Seomoon Agrees to A-Match Against UK Top Players

Superhuman Battlefield Chapter 72 Seomoon Agrees to A-Match Against UK Top Players

Seomoon has agreed to take part in a big competition called the A-Match against the best players from the United Kingdom. He’s not really interested in being a national player, but he had to say yes because he needed a favor in return – getting Pietro or the High Priest’s avatar registered quickly.

Seomoon Wants to Do Things His Way

Seomoon doesn’t like waiting around, so he wanted to find a faster way to get things done instead of following the usual procedures. He’s the kind of person who prefers shortcuts.

Seomoon’s Character

In the series, Seomoon is portrayed as someone who is strong, a bit arrogant, but also caring. He’s always striving to become even stronger and be the best. When he came back after a long absence, he realized that people saw him as a hero because he had sacrificed himself to save others and the world.

About “Superhuman Battlefield”

“Superhuman Battlefield” is a popular action fantasy and sports story set in a world where superhumans compete professionally. It’s become a big sport now that monsters and dungeons aren’t a threat. Fans are excited about Seomoon’s match against the top UK players.

Chapter 71 Recap and Release Date

We’ll talk about what happened in Chapter 71 and when Chapter 72 will be out.

Credits: Naver

Chapter 71 Recap

In the previous chapter, Seomoon asked Baek Jaeho to let Pietro stay with him, but Baek Jaeho wasn’t happy about it, especially with his family at home. He ended up kicking them out.

Chapter 72 Highlights

Seomoon couldn’t find a place for Pietro to stay, but Pietro didn’t seem bothered. He got a call from Director Gabriel about his upcoming match against the Twin Stars. Seomoon had disappeared for a week before the match, which worried the Director. However, Seomoon arrived at the venue with Pietro and explained that he’d been searching for the talented rookie.

Seomoon won the match easily, surprising the Director with his progress. Later, he showed Pietro’s talent to the Director, who was left amazed by Pietro’s skills.

Chapter 72 Release Date

You can expect to read Chapter 72 of “Superhuman Battlefield” on Monday, September 18, 2023, at 12:00 AM KST.

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