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Super Evolution Chapter 118 Coming Next Week!

In this cool action and adventure manga called “Super Evolution,” written by Chaos, Lulai Buddha, and Ningen, with amazing pictures by Chang Pan Yong Zhe, we follow the story of Ming. Ming wanted to be a hero but got stuck in a coma because of a big cosmic disaster.

A year later, he wakes up and realizes he has superhero-like powers! He decides to use his new strength to stop some really bad mutant creatures from causing trouble for humanity. These creatures could be really dangerous!

When Is Super Evolution Chapter 118 Coming Out?

In the last chapter (Chapter 117), something sad happened to the Dragon Tooth Organization. They lost some brave members, and it’s a tough time for them.

Now, in Chapter 118, Ming is talking to Instructor Luo Lin, and they have a mission to rescue some people who have been captured. There’s a mysterious character called “the Teacher” involved, and Ming is determined to save his sister and a friend from the scary War Ruins.

Ming has to get stronger, and his friends are supporting him. They’re not mad at him anymore and see him as a hero. But Ming is focused on his mission and a mysterious person called the “Black Saint Rank expert” who helped them in the past.

Xingling, one of Ming’s friends, suggests a way for him to get even stronger quickly. She offers him a drop of her blood to help him detect parasitic demons. Ming is worried this might hurt her kind, but she believes in helping humans and doesn’t like parasitic demons or the Teacher.

Credits: Tappytoon

So, Chapter 118 is going to be all about honoring the heroes of the Dragon Tooth Organization and following Ming on his mission. It’s a story about strength, sacrifice, and the bonds between humans and their friends, even if those friends are a bit different.

Release date

And the best part is, Chapter 118 is coming out on September 14, 2023! So, mark your calendars and get ready for another exciting chapter of Super Evolution!

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