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Star Instructor Master Baek Chapter 95: What Muheun Wants to Share

In this chapter, Muheun talks to his son, Suryoung, about some important matters. Let’s break it down:

Muheun’s Transformation

Muheun has become incredibly skilled in martial arts, surprising his son. He used to be stuck at a lower level for ten years, but now he’s reached a rare mastery level in the martial arts world. Suryoung wonders if his dad found some magic pills in the mountains, but Muheun teases him, suggesting that maybe Suryoung took a leap off a cliff to change so drastically.

Martial Arts Secrets

Muheun warns Suryoung to be careful when discussing martial arts, even within the family. Suryoung brings up his problems with his father-in-law, but Muheun tells him to stay on topic and sit down.

Entering an Academy

Suryoung is puzzled about how his father managed to enter an academy that outsiders aren’t allowed in. Muheun explains that after observing for a few days from outside, he found a way in, just like he did thirty years ago when he was a student.

Credits: Naver Webtoon

Escaping Dorms

Muheun tells Suryoung about his rebellious past when he could easily evade his maternal grandfather and sneak out of the dorms at night. He got caught and beaten up a couple of times, but he survived and sees it as a valuable experience.

Suryoung’s Mother

Muheun is surprised that Suryoung thinks so highly of his mother, considering her wild past. He tells Suryoung about how Yakbing lived life to the fullest and had men falling for her.

Yakbing’s Impact

Muheun expresses his deep admiration for Yakbing’s determination and strength despite her petite stature. He believes meeting her was the luckiest part of his life.

Unread Letters

Muheun realizes that Suryoung hasn’t read any of the letters he sent. Suryoung claims he’s been busy and isn’t sure if there was anything important in those letters.

Suryoung’s Memories

Suryoung reveals that he has started to regain some of his lost memories but hasn’t fully recovered them.

Release Date

Chapter 95 of “Star Instructor, Master Baek” will be released on Saturday, September 9, 2023, at 08:00 PM KST.

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