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Star-Embracing Swordmaster Chapter 10!

The new Star-Embracing Swordmaster Chapter 10 is almost here, and fans are super excited to see what happens next in the story. We’ll also take a closer look at the previous chapter and give you some hints about what might happen in the future.

Release Date of Chapter 10
Mark your calendars! Star-Embracing Swordmaster Chapter 10 will be available on October 4, 2023.

 (CC: Naver)

What Happened in the Last Chapter?
In the last chapter, we meet two young kids, Vlad and Jemina. Jemina notices that Vlad seems upset lately because he hardly gets any rest. People in their town are talking about Vlad because he wanders around a lot.

Jemina asks Vlad if he can still hear strange voices when he holds something like a stick and questions him about his past sins and something called “Lightning Strike on a clear sky.”

Vlad’s Dilemma
Jemina suggests that Vlad should stay at their shop for a while because it’s sensitive to “signs.” Vlad used to be a Heresy Questioner, and if he notices anything unusual, he might get into trouble.

But Vlad doesn’t want to talk about misfortunes and says he won’t let himself be taken to the church just for looking at a sword.

 (CC: Naver)

The Mysterious Sword
Jemina tells Vlad that if he’s frustrated, he should buy the sword on credit, even though it’s expensive. She mentions it’s being sold at the backstreet smithy for five golds.

Then, an old man appears and scolds them for trying to get the sword. He questions why they would want a sword that knights use, especially when it’s hidden away on a backstreet where only the locals can see it.

The old man seems upset and reminds Vlad that he’s getting older, so making a fuss about this sword isn’t worth it.

So, get ready for the upcoming Star-Embracing Swordmaster Chapter 10, and let’s see what adventures await Vlad and Jemina!

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