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Standard of Reincarnation Chapter 76: Recap, Release Date & Spoiler

Fans of the series have something to cheer about. In the latest chapter, our heroes found the holy grail and saved their master. This is why everyone is eagerly waiting for the release of Chapter 76.

Chapter 75: A Quick Recap
In the last chapter, Tina saved her master from a dangerous fall inside a cave. She did this by jumping into the hole and grabbing a rope to pull him up. While doing so, she realized that the Quebell name was essential to save Falker. Later, Davian woke up and found Tina holding the Holy Grail left by the Holy King. This was a big surprise, and the grail started glowing with power.

Credits: Kakao)

What’s Coming in Chapter 76?
In the upcoming chapter, we can expect to see more about the Holy Grail and its powers. Davian is curious about its abilities and decides to drink from it, which fills him with energy. However, Julian appears and reveals that the Grail can help restore his divine powers, not just his exoskeleton. There’s a lot of divine power to go around, and things are looking promising. But, they notice that the surroundings are in a mess, and Davian explains that it’s the grave of the Holy Knight, which collapsed after their mission was complete.

Release Date
For those who can’t wait to find out what happens next, Chapter 76 is set to be released on October 16, 2023. Mark your calendars!

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