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Standard of Reincarnation Chapter 75

In the last two chapters, Vinchen created a lot of excitement when he discovered the Holy Grail. This special grail is very important to everyone, but proving it’s real is tough. Vinchen is a character in a fantasy world, and he knows a lot more than regular people. This knowledge makes him special.

In this new chapter, things are just beginning, and there’s going to be a big debate.

Vinchen’s Confidence and the Holy Grail

Vinchen was really confident in the past few chapters about finding the Holy Grail. But it’s not easy to prove it’s real. It’s important to remember that Vinchen is a character with special abilities in a fantasy world.

He knows a lot of things ahead of time and is more experienced than regular people or his enemies. His knowledge and experience make him who he is. Without them, he wouldn’t be as powerful. There are many things to discuss about his character, but right now, let’s talk about what happened in the last chapter.

 (Credits: Kakao Page)

Recap of Standard of Reincarnation Chapter 75

In Chapter 75, Millie, a character, is approached by a reporter. She doesn’t react much until the reporter asks about a sword that Hansen had made. Vinchen used this sword to defeat a powerful enemy and become famous.

Millie wanted to chase away the reporter, but Hansen stopped her. Hansen is a master at making things, and he thought it’s important to be polite to customers. He was happy to be called a master again after a long time. But he wished Vinchen would show up because he hadn’t been around since taking the crystal.

What to Expect in Chapter 75

Chapter 75 is going to focus on the politics of the story. In fantasy stories, there’s often a lot of politics and connections between different groups. This chapter will explore the world’s lore and politics, with Vinchen taking the lead.

A few chapters ago, Vinchen was almost sentenced to death by those in power. But with the Holy Grail now in his possession, things have changed a lot. The only thing left to do is prove that the Holy Grail is real. Many people are at a meeting to help with that.

 (Credits: Kakao Page)

Vinchen’s mother is going to make things even more exciting by making a big bet. She’s putting her right arm on the line to raise the stakes. This not only makes it harder for the opposition but also shows that Vinchen’s mother is quite daring.

Release Date

You can read Standard of Reincarnation Chapter 75 on November 3, 2023.

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