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Squid Game: The Challenge Turns Into Concerns as Contestants Face Injuries

People eagerly awaited Squid Game: The Challenge, and it’s now on Netflix since its release on November 22, 2023. Just within a few days, it has gained millions of views globally. However, surprising news emerged as contestants filed a lawsuit against Netflix for injuries sustained during filming.

Contestants’ Lawsuit:
Contestants reportedly suffered from hypothermia and nerve damage, which sounds scarier than the challenges on screen. The show, with a total of 10 episodes, has released 5 so far. For those new to the concept, it’s similar to Squid Game, with contestants facing various challenges to win a $4.56 million cash prize, testing their strategies.

Challenges and Injuries:
Some challenges in this reality series are both twisted and violent, leading to injuries. Those injured are now seeking compensation, raising questions about the production company’s responsibility and set welfare standards.

(Credit: Netflix)

Contestants’ Complaints:
The participants, expecting a fun experience, complained about unexpected suffering. The injuries mainly occurred during the opening game “Red Light, Green Light,” filmed at Cardington Studios in the UK. The contestants had to endure long periods of immobility in cold temperatures, affecting their health.

Harsh Playing Conditions:
Contestants, unable to wear warm clothes, followed rules that some found inhumane and irrelevant to the game. The players faced wake-up calls at 3:30 am, insufficient food, and exhaustion, leading to concerns about their well-being.

Studio Lambert’s Response:
Studio Lambert, the show’s co-producer, denied the contestants’ lawsuit claims, stating, “No lawsuit has been filed.” They emphasized their commitment to contestant welfare.

(Credit: Netflix)

Episode Schedule:
The first 5 episodes were released on November 22, with titles like “Red Light, Green Light” and “Trick or Treat.” The next episodes are scheduled for release on the following dates:

  • Episode 6: Goodbye – November 29
  • Episode 7: Friend or Foe – November 29
  • Episode 8: One Step Closer – November 29
  • Episode 9: Circle of Trust – November 29
  • Episode 10: One Lucky Day – December 6

Fans eagerly anticipate the next episodes. Happy streaming! What’s your favorite challenge so far?

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