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Sleeping Ranker Chapter 88 “Isekai” Manga is Super Popular!

Isekai manga, like “Misfit of the Demon King Academy” and “Overpowered Healer,” have become really popular. Another cool one is “The Slumbering Ranker” (or “Sleeping Ranker”).

Meet the Main Character: Lee Hyungsung

Our main character, Lee Hyungsung, is a gamer who can’t sleep. One day, he falls asleep while using his virtual reality game. After sleeping for a whopping 10,000 hours, he wakes up inside the game! Now, he’s a player in the game, working to unlock new levels and ranks.

A Shocking Twist: Stuck in the Game

But here’s the twist: even though he’s inside a game, he gets killed while he’s sleeping. And he can’t get back to the real world. So, he becomes an adventurer inside the game, trying to find a way out.

Chapter 87: Asura Joins a New Team

In Chapter 87, our main character, Asura, joins a new team called Death-Nim. People are surprised because Asura is a famous player, and Death-Nim is pretty unknown. They chat a bit, and Asura reveals he’s a YouTuber making videos about defeating Queen Chimera, Tatyul. He asks Death-Nim about the enemy and his gear.

Setting Off on a Mission

After a tough battle, they decide to rest, but some members of the team start plotting something sneaky behind Asura’s back.

After learning that Death-Nim is a tanker, they set off to take down the boss. During the raid, they’re impressed with each other’s skills.

Trouble Brews

Credits: Kakao

The Plot Unfolds

Asura’s little demon fairy warns him about this plot. Aromin from the Aromin guild plans to team up with another guild to take down Asura. At the end of the chapter, Polan, a manager from the Aromin guild, tries to talk Asura into joining the raid alliance.

Chapter 88: What’s Coming Next?

In Chapter 88, we’ll see a big clash between Asura, Death-Nim, and the Chimera Queen Tatyul. Plus, there’s a plan to take down Asura after he defeats the queen. The Aromin guild and another guild will scheme and plot against him. There’ll be a fight between Asura and members from these two guilds, with Death-Nim likely to help Asura when things get heated.

Expect Exciting Action!

It’s going to be exciting to see how it all unfolds because Asura is confident in his skills and knows about their plans. We can look forward to some major action scenes in the upcoming chapter.

Chapter 88 Release Date

While there’s no official release date for Chapter 88 yet, we can guess it might come out around September 20th at 12:00 AM JST. You can check it out on the KakaoPage website.

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