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Sister Death: A Netflix Movie About a Mysterious Nun

Sister Death is a Netflix film directed by Paco Plaza, and it’s connected to the 2017 hit movie Veronica. This movie tells the story of Sister Narcisa, who we briefly saw as “Sister Death” in Veronica.

In the film, Sister Narcisa is played by Aria Bedmar when she’s young and by Consuelo Trujillo when she’s older. In Veronica, Sister Death is a scary moment where she gives Veronica some creepy advice while they play with an Ouija board. This brief scene fascinated fans and led to a whole movie about her.

What Happens in Sister Death

The story of Sister Death begins in 1939, during the Spanish Civil War. A young girl named Narcisa has visions of Saint Mary and gets the nickname “Holy Girl of Peroblasco.” Later, she becomes a young nun in a convent that also serves as a school for underprivileged girls.

Credits: Netflix)

Narcisa starts to doubt her beliefs and realizes that the convent is hiding something from her. Strange things happen, like chairs falling, odd drawings appearing, and weird marbles showing up. She has terrifying nightmares and hears loud knocks on her door at night. The other nuns don’t seem to notice anything strange.

The girls at the convent believe it’s haunted by a girl’s ghost, and if the ghost writes your name, it means bad news. When Narcisa tries to tell her superiors, they think she’s making it all up.

One day, the ghost writes the name of one of the students on the chalkboard, and that girl, Rosa, ends up dying. Narcisa is blamed for her death and leaves the convent.

Before she goes, she sees a solar eclipse and is blinded by its light. This helps her see the secrets the convent was hiding. In her visions, she witnesses soldiers during the war, destroying sacred items, taking nuns hostage, and a terrible event involving Sister Socorro.

Credits: Netflix)

Sister Socorro was abused and gave birth to a daughter in the convent, but the nuns decided to keep the child inside. When the girl got sick, they took her away and accidentally caused her death. Sister Socorro was devastated and committed suicide.

Narcisa’s chair falling was because of Socorro, and the loud knocks were her attempts to get her child back. Narcisa is taken back to the monastery, and the truth is revealed.

In the end, the ghost of Sister Socorro takes revenge on those responsible. She makes the Mother Superior cough up blood and drowns her in the tub filled with her daughter’s blood. Sister Julia is affected by images of damaged saints from different times.

What Does It All Mean?

The film explores Narcisa’s crisis of faith and how she uncovers the dark history of the convent. It’s safe to assume that she overcame her crisis because she continued to be a nun until Veronica. The conclusion shows us images from her past and the history she uncovered.

In the end, Sister Death is a story of mystery, faith, and the consequences of hiding the truth.

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