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Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse Anime Reveals Opening Song, Anime Debuts on October 8

In the video, we get a sneak peek at the show’s opening song, “Up to Me!” by Little Glee Monster. The show will start on October 8th at 4:30 PM (or 3:30 AM if you’re on the East Coast). You can watch it on TBS and a bunch of other channels, and it’s going to keep going for six months straight without any breaks.

Are you excited for this magical, action-packed sequel to “The Seven Deadly Sins”?

This story happens in a magical place called the Kingdom of Liones. The original “The Seven Deadly Sins” comic and cartoon were about a famous group of knights known as the Seven Deadly Sins, and each one of them represented one of the seven deadly sins.

(Credits: Crunchyroll)

There was a hot-tempered guy named Meliodas, who was the Sin of Wrath, and a super-strong lady named Diane, who was the Sin of Envy, and a bunch of other really interesting characters. They were kind of like biblical heroes, but with a mix of humor, charm, and awesomeness that made fans want more. And now, they’re back for more adventures.

Some new characters are joining the story in “Four Knights of the Apocalypse,” like Ironside and Pellegarde, who are holy knights from Camelot. There’s also Arthur Pendragon, who’s a ruler in Camelot.

And there are some other characters we already knew about, like Percival, Donny, Nasiens, Anghalad, and Shin.

The people making the show are calling it the Staff. Maki Odaira is the boss in charge, and Telecom Animation Film is helping out. Shigeru Murakoshi is writing the scripts, and Youichi Takada is making the characters look good. The music that sets the mood is by Hiroyuki Sawano and Kohta Yamamoto. They’re giving credit to UNLIMITED PRODUCE by TMS for the music production.

“Four Knights of the Apocalypse” started in November 2020. The comic first appeared in a magazine called Weekly Shōnen Magazine in 2021 and has been turned into 12 comic books since then.

(Credits: Crunchyroll)

If you’re in North America, you can read it online on places like Crunchyroll Manga, BookWalker, ComiXology, and Amazon Kindle, and they even translate it into English every week.

Here’s what the story is about: There’s a guy named Percival, and he lives in a peaceful place in the sky called God’s Finger. But his quiet life gets messed up when someone strange shows up and connects with his past.

Percival gets all fired up and goes on a journey to find answers. Along the way, he makes new friends and finds out more about himself. But as he learns the truth about what he’s meant to do and how it affects the world, he’s got some big decisions to make.

So, “Four Knights of the Apocalypse” is off to an exciting start with a great story and awesome art by Nakaba Suzuki. The characters might seem familiar, but there’s some cool magic stuff that’s kind of like what they have in “Hunter x Hunter,” which makes the story more interesting.

There are still some things we don’t know, but that just leaves room for the characters to grow and for the world of the story to get even bigger, which we’re looking forward to seeing in the cartoon version.

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