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“Secrets Unveiled in Carnephelia’s Curse: Chapter 35 – The King’s Revelation”

In this article, we will dive into the upcoming chapter of the manga series “Carnephelia’s Curse,” Chapter 35. It promises to be a thrilling installment filled with revelations about the king’s biggest secret. We’ll also provide a recap of Chapter 34 and share the release date for Chapter 35.

Chapter 34 Recap: Lady Svenbach’s Quest
Chapter 34 of “Carnephelia’s Curse” begins with Lady Svenbach on a mission. She enters the library with a specific goal in mind: to find a book that can help her friend, Helis, who is suffering from a severe fever. The library is vast and filled with books on various diseases, making her task challenging.

Meeting the Mysterious Physician
During her search, Lady Svenbach encounters an intriguing old lady who identifies herself as the Physician. Lady Svenbach believes this elderly woman might hold the key to curing Helis. The Physician surprises her by criticizing the royals for their selfish and arrogant behavior, but she sees something different in Lady Svenbach. She finds her to be kind, respectful, and genuinely concerned about helping others.

A Desperate Plea for Divine Power
Lady Svenbach’s determination to save her friend leads her to reveal her true reason for seeking Divine Power to the Physician. The Physician acknowledges the gravity of the situation, telling Lady Svenbach that breaking the rules may become necessary for the greater good. Inspired by Lady Svenbach’s unwavering commitment to her friend, the Physician agrees to assist her.

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The King Faces Demands
Meanwhile, the nobles in the kingdom quickly react to a shocking rumor that has spread like wildfire. They head toward the main palace, demanding answers from the king himself. The king, unsurprised by their arrival, acknowledges the truth of the rumor. He confirms that the second princess has been granted the right to ascend the throne. This revelation sparks a heated exchange between the king and Marquis, with the king expressing his anger and intent to punish the Marquis for his behavior.

Chapter 35: The King’s Revelation
Chapter 35 of “Carnephelia’s Curse” is on the horizon and promises to uncover the king’s biggest secret, potentially altering how the public views him. The king faces mounting pressure from the public’s demand for answers, but the question remains: Did he provide the answers they sought?

Release Date for Chapter 35
Fans of “Carnephelia’s Curse” can anticipate the release of Chapter 35 around September 13, 2023 (KST). Stay tuned for this exciting chapter that will surely keep readers on the edge of their seats.

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