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Home » Save & Load No Dekiru Yadoya San Chapter 25 Moline’s Journey Begins

Save & Load No Dekiru Yadoya San Chapter 25 Moline’s Journey Begins

Chapter 25: Alec’s Help and Moline’s Training

In the world of “Save & Load No Dekiru Yadoya-San,” a young woman named Moline faces a tough challenge. She must prove herself by conquering a dangerous dungeon to return to her guardian’s house. However, Moline is not entirely human; she shares her home with other demi-human siblings. She yearns to reunite with them and earn prestige in her own right.

Meet Alec, a skilled adventurer turned innkeeper, who possesses a unique power. His inn offers a remarkable ability: visitors can’t die within its walls. Alec can create a save point, allowing people to return to life even if they meet an untimely end. Moline has already experienced this extraordinary power during her earlier encounters with Alec.

Introduction: “Save & Load No Dekiru Yadoya-San”

Before we dive into Chapter 25, let’s get acquainted with the story. “Save & Load No Dekiru Yadoya-San” is an adventure fantasy manga that follows Alec, a man transported to a strange world where he becomes an innkeeper after retiring as an adventurer. His inn becomes a place where individuals are trained to reach their full potential.

Chapter 24 Recap

In the previous chapter, we met a new character, Moline, who happens to be a demon. Moline embarks on a mission to investigate and apprehend the elusive fox-like creatures. Fearing for her life, she writes a memoir, instructing the reader to pass it on to Annrosy, the Second Battalion Commander of the Military Police Regiment. Moline believes that the Silver Fox Inn is the hidden base of a nefarious gang and hopes that Annrosy will bring them to justice after her potential demise.

Credits: Shueisha

Chapter 25: Moline’s Journey Begins

As Chapter 25 unfolds, Moline arrives at the Silver Fox Inn, securing a room for herself. Initially, she finds the inn’s owner and the overall atmosphere rather pleasant. At first glance, it appears to be run by a lovely couple, but Moline soon discovers that it has a corrupting influence on its guests.

Moline enjoys the comfort of her bed and the unique, delicious food offered by the inn. Curious about Alec’s nighttime activities, she follows him but finds no evidence of the gang she seeks. Soon, her real challenge begins as she starts her training with Alec, pushing herself to the limits.

Moline describes this intense training as a form of torture, fearing that her true identity might be exposed. However, she gradually forgets her mission and begins to see Alec as a guiding figure, almost like a god leading her toward self-discovery.

Finally, Moline reads her memoir to Alec, revealing her mission and the reason she came to the inn. Alec, learning of her situation, offers to help her conquer a dungeon, the only way she can return to her guardian’s house.

Chapter 25 Release Date

You can expect to read “Save & Load No Dekiru Yadoya-San” Chapter 25 on Wednesday, October 11, 2023, at 12:00 AM KST. Stay tuned for this exciting continuation of Moline’s journey and her training as a sorceress.

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