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Sakamoto Days Chapter 135: What to Expect

In the next issue of the weekly Shonen Jump magazine, we’ll get to read Chapter 135 of Sakamoto Days. This chapter won’t have any breaks, and it’s going to introduce another mysterious character from a group called the Order.

Kamahite’s Secret Mission

Kamahite is keeping a close watch on Sakamoto and his friends. His main job is to make sure Sakamoto doesn’t enter an exhibition. This order comes from someone named Nagamo, and Kamahite has been doing it perfectly. Sakamoto really wants to get into that exhibition and has staked everything on a black ticket that can get him in.

Sakamoto’s Heroic Intentions

Sakamoto is determined to protect the people from a villain named Slur, who plans to harm the chairman of JAA. Even though Sakamoto doesn’t need to save the chairman, he’s determined to save the innocent people.

Nagumo’s Schemes

Meanwhile, Nagumo is making his own plans to deal with Slur and is using the chairman as bait. The story has its ups and downs, and right now, there’s no way to get inside the exhibition without that ticket. It turns out that Sakamoto used Hana’s college fund to buy the ticket, which will surely lead to some funny moments when Aoi finds out.

Chapter 135 Expectations

As of now, there are no spoilers available for Chapter 135, so we can only speculate about what might happen. In this chapter, we might learn about Kamahite’s true identity, and we might even see his face. We assume Kamahite is a man, but it could go the other way too.

The big question is how Sakamoto plans to get into the exhibition to stop the bombing. Kamahite could be the key, and perhaps they share a similar personality with Sakamoto and his group.

Release Date

Chapter 135 will be in the next issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, coming out on Monday, September 18th, 2023, at midnight Japanese Standard Time. So, get ready for more exciting adventures in Sakamoto Days!

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