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Rias Wins Over Lippe’s Family in Lady Baby Chapter 192

In the last chapter, Rias met with Lippe’s family to seek their approval to marry their daughter. Now, readers are eager to know if they accepted him as their future son-in-law in Lady Baby Chapter 192.

Lippe’s family, Rustichel, followed her when she was going to meet Rias. They watched her from behind the bushes.

Lippe’s father and brother felt a bit sad because she was playing the same games with Rias that she used to play with them. But when they discovered that Lippe was meeting with Julian, Hildert, and Elphinny instead, they decided to back off. Julian heard the news that Cretin had gone to a monastery.

Lady Baby (Credits: Kakao Webtoon)

Elphinny wondered if she should have shaved their heads herself. Lippe finally met Rias, and they hugged each other, though she felt a bit embarrassed for being so affectionate.

Rias thought she didn’t like it, but Lippe assured him that she was excited to see him. Rias had always believed that it was best to keep their relationship with the emperor a secret, but recent events made him reconsider. Instead of protecting Lippe from a distance, he decided to be more public about their relationship.

Rias complimented Lippe, telling her she looked prettier. Lippe playfully told him not to change the subject. They went to a cafe, but Rias said he’d be back in a moment.

In the previous chapter, Rias had left Lippe alone, and Rustichel’s family members were worried. Rias explained that he thought it would be impolite to keep his father-in-law and mother-in-law waiting outside, which shocked them.

Rias revealed that he used those titles because his love for their daughter was genuine. Lucius reminded Rias that such titles were used for serious conversations, which caught Rias off guard.

Rias suggested they should call each other brothers to get used to it, but Lippe’s brother pointed out that they weren’t actual siblings. Rias acknowledged that but stated he was going to be Lippe’s brother-in-law.

Lippe’s brother informed Rias that their sister wasn’t planning to get married. Even Lippe’s mother implied that their daughter might not be a suitable match for Rias. Lippe’s father agreed and said it was ridiculous to think she’d marry him. They insisted Rias stop addressing them as in-laws.

Rias accepted their words and conceded that he wasn’t unworthy of Lippe. However, he mentioned that any man would pale in comparison to her. Lippe’s family admitted that Rias was the man they had always dreamed of for their daughter. Lippe’s younger brother told Rias to take action if he wanted to be with her, and Rias fulfilled their wishes.

So, in Lady Baby Chapter 192, we can expect further developments in Rias and Lippe’s relationship. It’s scheduled to be released on Thursday, October 12, 2023.

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