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“Revelation of Youth: A Sweet Love Story” Chapter 47: 

Released in 2022, this ongoing romantic manhwa has captured the hearts of many readers with its charming love story.

Meet Chungah and Her Lonely Life

Chungah is just a high school girl living on her own. You see, her uncle did something bad that caused her parents to go searching for him, leaving Chungah all by herself. It’s a tough situation for her.

Credits: Naver)

A Twist in the Tale

Chungah’s family isn’t the only one who got fooled by her uncle. There’s a big group called the “Millennium Adventist,” and even they got tricked. But things take an unexpected turn when Yohan, the son of the leader of that group, comes to live with Chungah.

Love Blossoms

People worry because Chungah and Yohan become close, and the circumstances look complicated. But guess what? Their living together turns into a sweet romance as they start to care deeply for each other.

Chapter 46: Misunderstandings and Secrets

Chungah’s friends are worried about her relationship with Kim Johan. They think he’s a bad influence and are trying to convince Chungah to stay away from him. But Chungah is determined to keep Kim Johan in her life.

Credits: Naver)

The trouble started when Kim Johan got involved with a group called MAC and was seen hurting an elderly person from the Millennium Adventist cult. Yeji, one of Chungah’s friends, is doing her best to prove that Kim Johan is not a good person.

Chungah defends her love for Kim Johan, and there’s some jealousy in the air. Kim Johan joins the scene, causing some confusion. Chungah asks him to act distant to keep her friends from prying.

But there’s a big secret Chungah hasn’t revealed to her friends yet. They’re still in the dark about the real connection between Chungah and Kim Johan.

Chapter 47: More Mysteries Ahead

In the next chapter, Chungah and her friends are about to meet Kim Johan’s cousin. Rumor has it that this cousin is part of the Millennium Adventist Church, so they want to find out more. However, they’re careful not to mention too much about the cult, as Kim Johan has a troubled history with them.

As they visit Kim Johan’s place, they discover some shocking things about his family. There’s a mysterious person about to enter the room, and we can’t wait to find out who it is!

Credits: Naver)

When’s Chapter 47 Coming Out?

You can expect Chapter 47 of “Revelation of Youth” to be released on Tuesday, October 3, 2023. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in this romantic manhwa!

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