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Return of the SSS-Class Ranker Chapter 76: Release Date and Recap

Return of the SSS-Class Ranker Chapter 76 is coming out this weekend, and if you’re a fan of this manga, you’re in for a treat! This manga combines fantasy, drama, and action in a really cool way. It’s brought to life by an amazing team of creators – Gald, Hojoon, and Pinball – and has some awesome artwork from Rooty House.

What’s the Story About?

The story focuses on a guy named Rokan who’s a gamer. He gets humiliated by a powerful guild in a virtual reality fantasy game, which really stings because he’s worked really hard to get where he is. But here’s the twist: he gets sent back in time just before the game starts, and that’s when things get interesting.

Rokan gets a chance to get back at those who wronged him and regain his status as an SSS-class ranker thanks to some timey-wimey stuff.

Chapter 75 Recap

In Chapter 75, a mysterious character suddenly shows up, surprising everyone. This person is a bit eccentric and has some unusual tastes in food, which adds a fun twist to the story. The main character, Taemin, has a chat with this mysterious visitor, and it’s clear that something’s up. There’s a lot of tension in the air as they try to figure out what this stranger is all about.

Eventually, they learn that this stranger is after something called the “CHOZO’S TAIL FEATHER,” which is a valuable ticket that lets you access Sky Island. This ticket becomes a central theme in the chapter, and its importance is emphasized.

Credits: Kakaopage

Chapter 76: What’s Coming Up

In Chapter 76, Taemin decides to trade the ticket for an Iron Armored Turtle’s egg. This decision marks a turning point in the story and sets the stage for more exciting adventures. There are also “Race Missions” that add complexity to the plot. These missions involve reviving important figures for the sake of humanity.

Taemin’s new mission is to find the “flowers of the cosmos” and bring them to the Land of Resurrection. This is no easy task because it’s in an uncharted place, and there’s no map. But Taemin is determined, and this mission kicks off a new phase of his adventure.

Readers are left eagerly anticipating what’s next as Taemin faces challenges and conflicts on his quest to unlock the secrets of Sky Island and fulfill his people’s dreams.

Release Date

Chapter 76 of Return of the SSS-Class Ranker is set to be released on September 17, 2023. Get ready for some more thrilling twists and turns in this exciting manga!

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