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Return Of The Legendary Spear Knight Chapter 114:

Yselin and Seta climbed up to the 17th floor of the Tower of Trials. Yselin couldn’t remember what happened to them. Seta told Yselin that they had been running from something for four days, and they had run out of mana, so they had to escape the tower.

Seta’s eyes were hurt, but he said he was okay. They were worried about the destroyed circle in the tower. It was slowly healing, but they didn’t know when it would be usable again. Seta advised Yselin to focus on getting her strength back.

They couldn’t teleport or communicate because of a magic interference barrier. It felt like they were trapped in the tower. They had to wait for help to arrive.

The Tower of Trials was no easy climb. It was full of ancient magical tests. The higher they went, the stronger the monsters and traps became. They had to keep moving up one floor at a time.

Yselin thought the trials were just illusions, but Seta had made them real. He had changed the ancient magic formations. He had been the administrator of the tower, but it had gone out of control once it activated.

Seta believed that either they or the monsters would survive their face-off. They felt the vibrations of someone following them. Seta wondered if it was one of the seven magicians like him.

They were faster than expected, so Seta decided to move. They only had one hope – the reinforcements Yselin had mentioned. Seta thought an army would come to confront the tower, but Yselin said it was just one person.

 (Credits: Kakao Page)

Seta was confused. He didn’t know how one person could handle so many magicians. Yselin said it was possible if that person was Joshua, one of the best on their continent.

Seta wasn’t thrilled about Yselin being a Joshua fan. The seven magicians and the monsters were still chasing them. They were determined to catch Yselin and Seta and achieve their goals.

They believed that they were close to making their dream of becoming the true magic emperor a reality. But then, they got ambushed by a group, and Joshua arrived to stop them.

Joshua told the commanders to retreat and stop pursuing Yselin and Seta.

Return Of The Legendary Spear Knight Chapter 114 is expected to be released on Saturday, November 4, 2023.

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