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Return of the Frozen Player Chapter 99

Exploring the Second Floor

In the previous chapter, our heroes, Junho, Skaya, and others, reached the second-floor door, and it was truly breathtaking inside. They found themselves surrounded by impressive architecture and magical energy called mana.

Fiend and Specter’s Intense Confrontation

Fiend and Specter engaged in a heated exchange. Specter taunted Fiend, but Fiend revealed that he remembered their encounter 27 years ago during the Fiend massacre in Paris. Fiend unleashed his dark powers to take down Specter, but the fight was intense due to the attribute system. Fiend knew he had to end it quickly.

Specter’s Determination

Specter was relentless, vowing not to leave Fiend alone until his final moments. He wounded Fiend, forcing him to use a hidden skill. Fiend hoped to deceive Specter with this move.

Chapter 99 Release Date

Now, let’s talk about when you can expect Chapter 99 of “Return of the Frozen Player.” The release date for this chapter is December 18, 2023, which is three months from now. The series has just completed its second season, and Chapter 99 will be part of the third season. We’ll have to wait for more updates from the studio during this three-month hiatus.

Credits: Kakao Webtoon

Skaya’s Decision

Meanwhile, Skaya and Junho discussed their plans. Skaya admired Junho’s unique ability to read memories from the deceased. She decided to hunt Fiend alone and bring him to Junho for memory extraction to ensure their progress. Junho agreed, despite his limitations in using mana-consuming abilities.

A New Chapter Awaits

As we eagerly await the next chapter, we’ll have to stay patient during this hiatus. When “Return of the Frozen Player” returns with Chapter 99, it promises to be an exciting continuation of the story.

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