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“Remarried Empress” Chapter 148 Coming Soon!

“Remarried Empress” is an exciting story that mixes fantasy, history, romance, and more. It’s about Navier Ellie Trovi, who’s the ideal empress in the Eastern Empire. But her peaceful life is disrupted when her husband asks for a divorce and introduces a mistress. What happens next is a gripping tale.

Chapter 147 Recap

In Chapter 147, Empress Navier had to meet Great Duke Kaufman to discuss trading for the empire. She sought advice from a trusted person named Hana on managing faraway markets. Navier also considered asking the Emperor for help, but something shocking came up.

Credits: Naver

The Mystery Deepens

It turns out that Duke Liberty knew Marquis Catron was causing problems but did nothing. People started to wonder if the ghost was involved, especially since Marquis Catron could use magic to create illusions. Rumors of his arrest caused tension in the palace.

The Ghost Connection

After Marquis Catron’s arrest, the ghost disappeared, raising questions about their connection. Everyone was worried day and night. Navier reassured them, distinguishing between baseless rumors and evidence-based ones.

Credits: Naver

Rashta’s Concerns

Rashta, the former Emperor’s concubine, returned and mentioned hiring a mysterious assassin. She was upset when she heard the Duke was leaving the palace. Her concerns deepened when she learned he was hurt.

Chapter 148 Release Date

Chapter 148 of “Remarried Empress” is set to release on September 16, 2023. Readers eagerly anticipate the next chapter to uncover the mysteries and tensions in the palace.

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