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Reincarnated As The Mastermind Of The Story Chapter 12: The Quest for Justice

In the upcoming Chapter 12 of “Reincarnated As The Mastermind Of The Story,” we delve deeper into the unfolding drama. Lycia’s father, Baron Klausel, is facing allegations of neglect in his administration by the Minister of Justice. Readers are eager to see how his innocence will be proven in this installment.

Len’s Troubled Past
Len, the central character, grapples with the guilt of leaving his sick father alone to gather herbs, leading to his father’s death. Tragedy struck the entire village when Len’s father passed away, as it was subsequently attacked, resulting in many casualties, including Len’s mother.

Lycia’s Arrival
Amidst this bleak period, hope emerges as Lycia arrives with her knights to save the village. To Len, she seems like a saintess, but the reality is different—they are captives inside a carriage.

Mysterious Dreams
Len is haunted by a dream involving Lycia and questions whether their meeting was foretold in the legend of the seven heroes. The nature of their relationship remains uncertain, leaving Len perplexed.

The Carriage Journey
As Len contemplates these mysteries, their carriage stops, and he is instructed to provide water and food for Lycia. However, unlocking the locks proves challenging, and the beast tamer refuses to help, reminding Len of the supplies he has already received.

Credits: Comic Walker

A Dangerous Situation
Len’s frustration mounts, but the beast tamer silences him with a magic tool, allowing only internal sounds to escape. Len realizes he must act and decides to break free from his restraints using a sharp demon sword.

A Fight for Freedom
Len successfully breaks the chains and carries Lycia out of the carriage, but their escape is interrupted by a dragon. The coachman becomes a threat too, using natural magic to pursue them.

The Unexpected Turn
Len manages to evade the coachman temporarily but is astonished when the beast tamer commands all the forest’s beasts, including the dragon, to pursue them. This unexpected power shift adds a new layer of complexity to their escape.

Release Date for Chapter 12
“Reincarnated As The Mastermind Of The Story Chapter 12” is set to be released on Wednesday, October 4, 2023, at 08:00 PM JST. Stay tuned for the next thrilling installment of this captivating story.

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