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Records of the Demonic Path’s Return Chapter 14: Myungwoon’s Rescue Mission

In this chapter, Myungwoon is going on a mission to save the sister of someone he recently bought. He remembered the girl from an auction and decided to rescue her. However, his cult members thought he had other, not-so-good intentions for buying her.

When Myungwoon asked one of his followers to bring the girl to him, they dressed her up nicely, which surprised everyone. But that’s not the only thing happening. Another important character has taken an interest in Myungwoon and his actions, finding them amusing. An older man wants to meet the newcomer from the influential family because they might play a big role in the future.

Chapter 14 Release Date

You can expect to read Chapter 14 of “Records of the Demonic Path’s Return” on September 14, 2023.

Chapter 13 Recap

In the previous chapter, a lot happened, and it showed that this series is unique. Instead of long introductions and checklists, it’s doing things its own way. The chapter also provided valuable lore about recent world events and the girl who was sent to auction. This girl will become very important in the future, which Myungwoon realizes later.

Myungwoon met with an elder who had an offer he couldn’t refuse, but first, the elder wanted to test Myungwoon’s abilities. The elder was impressed by how mature Myungwoon was.

Credits: Naver

Chapter 14 Spoilers

Chapter 14 will focus on Myungwoon going to a base where the sister of their newest member is being held. The sister is going to be brainwashed and turned into a member of the clan for various tasks. If Myungwoon can rescue her, he’ll gain the trust of both sisters. Both of them have the potential to become strong assassins in the future, which is a significant advantage for Myungwoon and his sub-clan.

Myungwoon will do everything he can to save the girl, and we might even see him in his first fight in the series.

So, mark your calendar for September 14, 2023, to find out what happens in this exciting chapter!

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