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Reborn As A Monster Chapter 70 :Release Date, Preview & Spoilers

Have you heard about “Reborn As A Monster”? It’s a cool manga story about a guy named Lin Yuan who turns into a fish monster in a video game world. He’s got to figure out everything by himself while avoiding humans who might want to harm him.

About the Manga:

Lin Yuan used to be a regular human, just like us. But then, he found himself inside a water-themed video game as a monster fish. This game is like a huge open world, but Lin Yuan has a guide named Kun who doesn’t really give him any hints. So, Lin Yuan has to learn the game all on his own.

(Credits: Rakuten Books)

As he explores this world, Lin Yuan realizes that he needs to become a super powerful monster, like 100 meters tall, to leave the game. Plus, he has to stay hidden from humans. If they find out about him, they might even send missiles to destroy him. Lin Yuan is determined to survive and have a great adventure in this game world.

Recap of Chapter 69:

In the last chapter, we saw a monkey trying to get better so he wouldn’t be a burden to Mr. Dragon. Even though he wanted to focus, he struggled to keep his balance while playing a game. But in the end, he made an awesome goal.

There’s also Ms. Ape, who’s really sweet and supportive of the monkey. She’s a bit gullible and believes almost everything she’s told. Some tricky opponents tried to take advantage of this, but they failed.

But things got heated when the Macho Girl and Mr. Dragon got into a fight over Ms. Ape. Mr. Dragon, being stronger, ended up hurting the Macho Girl. She got upset and complained to Lord Baize about Mr. Dragon’s bullying.

In a surprising twist, the Macho Girl started splitting into multiple versions of herself. Even though it was a one-on-one game, she could split as part of her special skill. Miss Bird also decided to join Mr. Dragon in the battle.

These split girls were made of ice and snow. Mr. Dragon planned to use radioactive rays to teach them a lesson. However, he realized that one of the duplicates, the one with a hammer, had gone missing.

Chapter 70 Release Date:

You won’t have to wait too long for Chapter 70 of “Reborn As A Monster”! It’s set to be released on September 20th, 2023. Enjoy the adventure as Lin Yuan continues to navigate this fascinating game world.

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