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Quest Supremacy Chapter 104: The Big Showdown

In this upcoming chapter of Quest Supremacy, something important is about to happen. Cheonhak has shared the whereabouts of Soha and Chaerin with Soohyun. The students from Western Gangbuk High are ready to get revenge and are heading to Jintae’s location.

What’s Going to Happen Next?

Readers are excited to see if they can defeat Jintae and the Northern Gangbuk High students in Chapter 104. Jintae’s group is aware of the approaching threat, but they’re not surprised because they think Soohyun and his friends are just acting recklessly.

The Challenge Ahead

Soohyun and his group are driven by their emotions, and they’re bringing their friends to confront Jintae’s group. However, they still don’t know where Jintae is keeping the hostages. Eunhyung thinks that Soohyun has lost his sense, making it easy to fight against him.

Deceptive Plans

Eunhyung decides to share a deceptive plan with his team, and Jihyeok apologizes for being late. Soohyun suspects that Eunhyung is spreading false information to waste their time and energy.

The Plan Unfolds

Jihyeon informs Soohyun that they are planning to attack, but they still have no clue about Jintae’s whereabouts. They’ve sent some people to gather information, hoping for good results.

Release Date

Quest Supremacy Chapter 104 will be released on Monday, September 18, 2023, at 10:00 PM KST.

Credits: Naver Webtoon

Recap of Chapter 103

In Chapter 103, Soohyun tells Jinhyeok that they need to find the hostages quickly to end the humiliation caused by false information. Soohyun comes up with a plan to discover where Jintae is hiding with the girls.

Discovering Soha and Chaerin

Jintae and his group are watching Soha and Chaerin closely. Everyone is curious about them. They find out that Soha and Chaerin had been working at Soohyun’s restaurant, and they are captivated by their beauty. They believe that Soohyun and his friends are obsessed with Soha and Chaerin but will never find out that Jintae is keeping them at Holdem Bar.

Rescue Mission

The guys suggest that Soha and Chaerin might call their friends, but one of them reveals that the girls are tied up, so it’s not possible. Despite Jintae’s warning not to touch the girls, the guys decide to do a full body search. However, Cheonhak arrives at the bar and protects Soha and Chaerin, kicking the guys away.

Cheonhak’s Intervention

It turns out that Bag Man gave a tip to Cheonhak about Soha’s kidnapping. Cheonhak quickly finds out Jintae’s location and goes there to confirm if Bag Man’s information is true. He fights against the Northern Gangbuk High guys to protect his sister.

Release Date Reminder

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the release of Quest Supremacy Chapter 104 on Monday, September 18, 2023, at 10:00 PM KST.

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